Best Paying Slot Machines

There are a lot of different sites out there that will tell you they’ve got the definitive list of the best paying slot machines. Because of the way these statistics are calculated and because of the absolutely huge number of online slot games currently available, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a list that can truly promise comprehensive and long-term accuracy.

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Review sites like the popular Gambling Planet always post combined payout percentages with their reviews, so if you have a casino in mind check their first. If you’re wondering about a specific game on the other hand, you might have trouble finding an accurate number. If you’re playing live slots on the other hand, then the best paying slot machines are usually pretty easy to find. In Las Vegas for example many casinos will put a special sign over slot banks that offer a high payout. While online casinos are quick to boast about their best paying slot machines, they are equally quick to downplay the low payouts offered by other games. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding the site’s largest jackpot slots, but finding accurate payout percentages can take a little more work. While many gambling advice sites will post overall slot payout averages for each casino, few have numbers for individual games.

Bear in mind that these statistics are often collected and recalculated on a monthly basis, so a single mega-jackpot win could temporarily skew a casino’s percentage, and in some cases could even give them a temporary percentage of over 100%. Unfortunately it’s unlikely that you’ll reap any benefits from that bloated statistic.

For Big Pay Days Check out The Top Jackpot Slots

While we can’t tell you which game to play, we CAN tell you which casinos are consistently recognized for high payouts. The Millionaire Casino frequently features overall slot payouts in excess of 99%. Caribbean Gold and 7Sultans are also commonly featured on the best paying slot machine lists with payouts in excess of 98%. Ironically the casinos that specialize in slots are not always the ones that offer the best payout percentages.

We can also tell you which types of slots have a reputation for NOT being the best paying slot machines. Though it may initially seem counterintuitive, the slot machines with the best top prizes often have the worst overall payout. They compensate for these rare big payouts by offering much smaller payouts for more common combinations, so that you’ll get the little bread and butter wins that keep you going far less often.

Taking everything into consideration, it’s important to remember that slots are ultimately a game of luck, so even if you find a machine that offers 99.9% payout if you don’t enjoy playing it it’s probably not worth it. Alternately the big prizes that are so frequently the hallmark of bad payouts remain a big draw in spite of their poor odds because many gamblers aren’t hoping to leave with what they came with—they’re hoping to get rich. While a good payout percentage can be important to long-term slots players, since you’re not guaranteed to win at ANY slot machine we recommend that you put entertainment value first.

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